WPS-5000 wind turbine

2009/02/04 22:56:19 China Wind Power NetWork
For border posts, small offices, agricultural pumps, Stations of the Wind Turbine
WPS-5000-type wind generator rated power is 5000W, the daily average wind speed 10m / s, the wind on the effective number of hours the case of 210 hours per month to provide about 1000kWh (degrees) of electricity. To meet the post lighting, televisions, refrigerators, water heaters and other electrical power to run a small office to meet the lighting, office equipment, more than the normal use of computers and to meet agricultural water pumps or monitoring instruments and equipment needs.
Product specifications:
Rated Power: 5000W
Maximum Power: 6000W
Wind wheel diameter: 6m
Wind swept area: 28.3m2
Startup wind speed: 2m / s
Into the wind speed: 2.5m / s
Rated wind speed: 10m / s
Down wind speed: 25m / s
May be the largest anti-wind: 45m / s
Rated speed: 150r / m
Maximum speed: 220r / m
Rated Voltage: 240V
Shutdown voltage: 300V
Packaging content
Fan components include:
1. Tower base, pivot bolts, nuts 1 set, the role is: support, fixed tower
2. Fixed wire
a. Specification 6 * 19 diameter 12MM length of 9.5 meters 4, the role is: a fixed tower
b. Specification 6 * 19, the diameter of 5MM length of 9 m 2, the role is: a fixed auxiliary pole
c. Specification 6 * 19, the diameter of 5MM length of 30 meters 1. Role is to: pulling up the use of wind turbines.
3. Tightrope jig 24, the role is: two steel cables fixed
4.À¼ÂÞsuppository spend 4 to pay, the role is: to adjust the verticality of tower
5. Ring to anchor 4 to pay, the role is: a fixed tower wire
6. Pulley 2, the role is: when the wind turbine erected a larger rally, in order to reduce the tension around the use of a pulley
7.M20 Nut, M20 * 70 bolts 24 to pay, the role is: even the section of tower flange fixed.
8. Anemometer (including cable) 1, is: To detect the real-time wind speed, passed to the controller
9. Anemometer pole, the role is: to install wire anemometer
10. Anemoscope 1, is: To detect the wind turbines of the wind angle, the components of a directional, 5 mounting holes must be the last.
11. Generator rotating assembly includes a set of generators, electrical rotary body, Blade installation disk, plate, matching bolt, the role is: wind power generation and tracking
12. Diversion enclosures; role is: to make from the center of wind-driven electric Blade part be utilized
13. Intelligent Controller, the role is: wind turbine control center, which generated three-phase AC generator for rectification, the output of the DC battery charging, the battery at the same time detect the work of state, made the corresponding command, it also Receive anemometer, wind instrument signal, and make the corresponding instructions, and all of the state displayed.
14. Anchor bolts 4, the role is: a fixed base tower
15. 3 tower is divided into upper, middle and lower. Role is: to support wind turbines
16. Auxiliary tower erected two wind turbines use
17. Blade 3, the role is: to be transformed into kinetic energy of wind power, driven generator operation
18. Inverters 1, role: The DC is converted to AC
Note: ¢Ù Connect the device cables and batteries please with their own specific circumstances.
        ¢Ú fan of this type matching the battery capacity of the proposed battery 12V100AH 20.
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