3rd China(Shanghai) Int l Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference

2009/01/30 19:39:22 China Wind Power NetWork

Basic Infomation:

Name of Exhibition:3rd China(Shanghai) Int l Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference


Hold-time:2009-04-08 ~ 2009-04-10

Ending time of signing up:2009-05-01

Place :Shanghai New International Expo Center

Authorize:Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association

Front for:Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association World Wind Energy Association





Outlook of CWEE2009
Beijing2008-–Shanghai2010-–CWEE2009,With limitless business opportunities!
China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and Symposium has provided a perfect communication platform for the industry. With the aid of this platform, those most active enterprises in the wind energy technology development, equipment manufacturing and supply chain can show enterprise image and present their own products and services for prospects. If you re committed to establishment of your own enterprise image and expansion of your own business in such a rapidly growing Chinese market, participating CWEE Wind Energy Exhibition after Olympic Games and before World Expo will be an excellent opportunity that cannot be missed!
In-depth understanding of rapidly growing Chinese market and active business expansion
China is one important part of world wind electric power generation market. By the end of 2007, our country (Taiwan Province excluded) has built up 158 wind power farms, with accumulated installed wind power units of 6469 sets and installed capacity of 5.906 million kW. In 2007, newly-added installed capacity (Taiwan Province excluded) is 3.304 million kW. Compared with newly-added installed capacity of 1.337 million kW, the increase rate is 147.1%. Among newly-added market share, products of China’s domestically-funded enterprise has accounted for 55.9%, with newly-added market share of domestically-funded enterprise firstly surpassed foreign-owned enterprises, which marks that large-scale wind power equipment manufacturing of our country has entered into a new development phase. As another important branch of our country’s wind energy equipment industry – small and medium-sized wind driven generator group manufacturing, has greatly and rapidly developed in recent years. The output for the whole country in 2007 has exceeded 50,000 sets, with total capacity over 35000KW.
In-depth communication with industry enterprises worldwide and your customers
CWEE Wind Energy Exhibition is cooperatively organized by the most authoritative trade organization of China’s wind power equipment industry - Wind Power Machinery Subcommittee of China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufactures, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering Wind Power and Tidal Power Generation and Shanghai Derui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd having rich experience in exhibition, so we well know your target customers. In this exhibition, we will invite high-end customers worldwide from equipment man

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(Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association Shirly Sun)

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