4th Asia Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2009

2009/02/03 11:37:07 China Wind Power NetWork
Dates: 30th March ¨C1st April ,2009
Venue: Shanghai Mart, China
Co-Located with ¡°Solar Innovations & Investment Asia Conference¡±
China New Energy Chamber of   Commerce of ACFIC
National Solar PV Energy Technology Committee Association
CCPIT  Pudong  Sub-Council
Shanghai Aiexpo Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd
European PV Industry Association(EPIA)
Germany Solar Industry Association
Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association(JPEA)
The Korean Society for New and Renewable Energy
Media Partner
¡¶SUN&Wind Energy¡·
Photon Magazine

¡¼Review 2008¡½
3rd 2008 Asia Solar PV Exhibition attracted many companies come from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, the United States, Hungary, with their ears, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea,China Taiwan,and so on.Lots of overseas and domestic enterprises, some as following, Canadian Solar Inc. ; Jetion Holdings Limited; JA Solar; Wuxi Guofei Green Energy Source Co.,Ltd; Trina Solar; China Electric Equipment Group Corporation (CEEG); Shanghai Electric Group; Global Solar Energy Co.,Ltd ; Tongwei Group Co., Ltd ; Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon Technology Development Co., Ltd ; Jumao Photonics Co.,Ltd; Shenzhen Hekeda Pure Water Equipment Co., Ltd; Jiangyin Hairun Science & Technology Co., Ltd ; Changzhou EGing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd ; Wuxi Erquan Solar; Narada Power Source ; COMPOUND SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CORP; BIG SUN;  Kingyoup Enterprises; Linde Group¡¢KD Solar¡¢centrotherm¡¢Conergy¡¢Advanced Energy¡¢Edwards¡¢G&N¡¢SunTechnics¡¢Airproducts¡¢Taiwan Atek ¡¢ULCertification¡¢TUV, and so on, participated in the exhibition and forum. Approximately11,000 professional visitors(30%of them are overseas person) attended the exhibition and more than 1500 persons participated in the forum and conference. Some exhibitors and photovoltaic expert appreciated the exhibition. The exhibition got a good harvest!

¡¼ Prospect  2009 ¡½
China New Energy Chamber of   Commerce will use the new energy of good background invitation of the Government Bureau of Energy Development and Reform Commission, the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee,  such as the Office of the State Council in charge of the energy sector participation. Many overseas institutions will organize the enterprises to participate in 4th Asia Solar PV Expo and Forum. And cooperate with many well-known domestic and foreign media to intensify the show's publicity.
In order to better provide long-term services for exhibitors, Asia Solar has set up a business information service platform, informed organizers and the organizing committee received information activities overseas business information to enable enterprises to not only during the show get our service , but also includes before, after the show.
AsiaSolar 2009 will co-located with Solar Innovations & Investment Asia Conference, as firstly be held in Asian region, Solar Innovations & Investment will become one of spots of AsiaSolar Expo, so we can believe that the event 2009 will be larger then ever before with lots of overseas exhibitors and visitors.

¡¼ Event Agenda ¡½
Registration  Date: 28-29 Mar.,2009 (Sat.¡ªSun.)
Exhibitor Move-in: 28-29 Mar.,2009 (Sat.¡ªSun.)
Exhibiting  Dates : 30 March¡ª1 April ,2009 (Mon.¡ªWed.)  
Conference Date:31st March ¨C1st April, 2009 (Tue-Wed)
Exhibitor Disassembly: 1st April, 15:00 pm., (Wed.)
¡¼ Exhibits ¡½
Solar-energy and PV products:
PV mould and components, PV mould and component production equipment, country PV electricity generation system, PV equipment installation and fittings, co-net PV system and PV electricity transport and distribution equipment; PV electrical power/battery, charger, controller, dc-to-ac inverter, water pump, solar electricity generation system equipment, solar energy conversion equipment, fuel battery, silicon solar battery, pellicle solar battery, raw material of multicrystal&single silicon, battery board cutting machine, checking machine.
Solar-energy photoelectricity products:
solar street lamp, lawn lamp, court lamp, lantern, farm insecticidal lamp, signal lamp, traffic caution light, solar infomation display screen, etc.
Solar heat utilization productions:
PV electricity generation system project, solar energy warming system project and renewable energy sources product and application, solar energy project design etc.
Complementary system of wind power and PV electricity generation:
wind power electricity generation equipment, wind power and PV complementary electricity generating system, small hydroelectricity generation technology and equipment, exploration and utilization technology and equipment of terrestrial heat energy and bioenergy and relevant products.

¡¼ Exhibition Cost Standard ¡½
1. Standard Booth  ( 9 sqm ): US$ 3,200
one reception desk, two chairs, spotlights, panels, one fascia board with company name, carpet, one socket (220V/1kW), Wastepaper basket, and service of cleaning and guarding.
2. Raw Space (Minimum: 36 sqm): US$ 320/ sqm
3. Cost of Advertisement in Exhibition Catalogue
Front Cover: US$ 2,500 Inside Front Cover: US$ 1500   Back Cover: US$ 1700
Head Page: US$1300 Inside Back Cover: US$ 1200 Color Inset: US$ 750
4. Cost of Advertisement on Exhibition Site:
Arch: US$ 1200   Balloon: US$ 500 Chest cards: US$ 900
Handbag: US$ 1100 Ticket: US$ 500
5. Sponsor of 2009 Asia Solar Photovoltaic Forum: US$ 3,000 (4 companies only)
6. Technical Seminar and Product Promotion Conference: US$ 700 / half hour (including meeting venue, sound projection equipment, reception area and conference facilities such as drinking water)

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